We appreciate the extreme generosity of the American people in this time of national need.



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About MPLS

We in Minneapolis Area Chapter of the American Red Cross. The City of New York with the help of the American Red Cross opened a new Family Assistance Center at Pier 94, on the banks of the Hudson River.

We Provide Workplace Training Program

Adult CPR
Infant and Child CPR
Adult CPR plus Infant and Child CPR
First Aid
Standard First Aid Plus Infant and Child CPR
Standard First Aid

Til Help Arrives
Preventing Disease Transmission
Injury Control Modules
Child Care Training Course
CPR for the Professional Rescuer
Emergency Response
Sport Safety Training

Tissue and Organ Donation

Nationwide, there are hundreds of thousands who could benefit from tissue and thousands more who need organ transplants. For some, a tissue or organ transplantation could be the key to a healthier, more productive life; for others, it could mean life itself.

For every person the Red Cross is able to help, there are dozens of others whose lives could be saved or enhanced if only the needed tissue or organs become available. People in need of tissue transplants look to the American Red Cross. Since 1982, the American Red Cross Tissue Services has provided tissue to people suffering from burns, bone and spinal defects, and heart problems. This service also raises awareness nationwide for the need of both organ and tissue donation.

Signing a donor card, or driver’s license, is the first step to becoming a tissue and organ donor. But more importantly, talk to your family and make sure they understand your commitment to donate because their consent is required before tissues and organs can be donated.

We want to thank our many volunteers who donate their time and talents in so many ways. We appreciate all you do, all the time!

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